About DC Moore the author of Two Kingdoms: The epic struggle for truth and purpose amidst encroaching darkness – a medieval fantasy. Christian young adult fiction.

About the Author

DC Moore has been fascinated with history in general and medieval history in particular since fourth grade, when he opened his history book to find an illustration of two knights in armor. That led to a degree in history from Duke University, followed by an M.D., after which his focus turned to serving as a physician in adolescent medicine. A lifelong fan of parable and allegory, DC Moore began writing short stories for family members after he retired. Two Kingdoms was born from one of these stories.

Author Q&A with DC Moore

Q: How did you come up with the idea for Two Kingdoms?

A: From childhood I wanted to understand what was meant by the “kingdom of God.” When I am trying to understand Scripture, sometimes a story comes into my head that helps me. The Middle Ages was a time of kings and kingdoms. It seemed natural to explain the idea to myself in a medieval setting.

Q: How has the Bible influenced Two Kingdoms?

A: The Bible is central to Two Kingdoms. Though there are few direct quotes, there are many allusions to Scripture and events in the Bible that I would have found helpful as a teen attempting to understand the Bible. It is the story I wish I had been able to read when I was a teen.

Q: Who is your favorite character?

A: It should come as no surprise that there are aspects of me in many of the characters. However, the struggle with self-confidence and trust in God that Stephen manifests certainly describes me in my teen years.

Q: You spent your career as an adolescent medicine physician working with teens and their families. Did this experience give you insight into writing the main characters, knowing how teenagers think and what they’re concerned about at that point in their lives?

A: Yes. Both boys and girls have a degree of uncertainty and wavering self-confidence as they enter adolescence seeking meaning, purpose, and identity. Sound parenting helps, but many kids nowadays enter adolescence without one or both parents, having lost them through death, desertion, or emotional absence. One cannot overemphasize the importance of having a mentor during this time, be it an involved parent or other mature adult.

Q: Was there any part of the story that was difficult to write?

A: Unlike many writers, I never suffered writer’s block, nor did I write ‘something every day,’ as novice writers are urged to do. I only wrote when something came to me. That said, trying to write the part of an adolescent girl was certainly new and different.

Q: What do you hope your readers come away with after reading Two Kingdoms?

A: I hope readers come away with a new understanding of their relationship with God and are challenged to spend more time together with Him in His rich and amazing Word. When readers come across something that makes them think “That sounds like something from the Bible,” I hope they will look it up.

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