War rages between two kingdoms…

Injustice, plague, and evil stalk the land. Caught up in the conflict are three youths – a blacksmith, a squire and knight’s daughter. A cryptic map delivered in a wooden box with a mysterious key launches each on a perilous journey that tests their trust in a King they have never seen. Hugh seeks vengeance after the abduction and murder of his father, Marie rebels against the future chosen for her by her father, and Stephen struggles with low self-worth and courage in his quest for knighthood. Their lives intertwine as they endure attack, siege and loss while seeking to understand themselves and the world that is falling apart around them. Each arrives at a moment of truth where their decision could mean life or death.

“Inside lay a parchment scroll with a wax seal bearing the image of the same bird as the medallion. Who would send something like this to me? And why?”

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We are a father-daughter team.

DC Moore is the crafter of words and his daughter Diana Moore is the creator of illustrations. We both love history and dove into this novel with an eye for evoking a Medieval sense of place, hoping to create a vivid world for this epic adventure. Visit the Author page for more information on DC and the writing process. Learn more about the illustrations here.